One hour of my Syrian Facebook

February 10, 2023  “The Search for Survivors of Earthquakes”, a Facebook Group.  A photo of a young, handsome man believed to be in his twenties and a post reading: "His name is Nael Masri. He has been trapped under rubble for four days. If you have any information about his whereabouts, please call this number:... Continue Reading →

What if we accept Bashar Al Assad?

Let’s discuss “peacefully” that “elephant in the room”, as you say, what if we accept that Assad remains in power? We are asked the question sometimes obliquely, and sometimes filtered through the closed circles that decide on Syrian affairs without the attendance of any Syrians. Sometimes it is brought up in ways that infantalize as... Continue Reading →

Our Families is Besieged …

In a Syrian Facebook Group, where many of us as activists filled with guilt because we are not besieged while nearly 400.000 people are. Many of those in the group are media activists. We constantly try to avoid answering the sad and honest question of “how the hell that 400.000 are being starved to death nowadays... Continue Reading →

What Christ Is Born Among Us Today?

If Jesus were to come to us today we would spend a long time wondering about the scarf covering Mary’s head; we would close our doors in the face of the poor man and his pregnant wife. It would be from our houses that Jesus would be turned away, and we the ones who cause him to be born in a cave.

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