What Christ Is Born Among Us Today?

If Jesus were to come to us today we would spend a long time wondering about the scarf covering Mary’s head; we would close our doors in the face of the poor man and his pregnant wife. It would be from our houses that Jesus would be turned away, and we the ones who cause him to be born in a cave.

Where are the Syrians in Max Blumenthal’s Article?

I read Max Blumenthal’s article, which aims to open our eyes to the dangerous hidden reality behind The Syria Campaign. I read it over and over and all I felt was a combination of patronisation and humiliation in detail after detail… Beginning with the focus on who took the photo of Omran and who published... Continue Reading →

I Am Lucky to Have a Syrian Passport

Dear Officer, I am lucky to have a Syrian passport. You see, if it weren’t for this passport, random selection wouldn’t have chosen me, randomly and coincidentally, for investigation in all airports I’ve ever been through. If it weren’t for my Syrian passport I would have passed through like all the rest, or, to be... Continue Reading →

Am I Capable of Killing?

Am I capable of killing? If somebody had asked me this question five years ago, being a person who used to decorate her desk with Jesus’ advice to Peter—“Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword”—I would probably have swiftly, and naively, answered: “Impossible! I... Continue Reading →

A Year Away From Syria

“I should have cried.” This is the only thing that goes through my head over and over again when I remember the little girl that was torn into pieces. I don't know anything about her, and from her remains I couldn’t guess her age, but I do remember how I stood there, distraught. I didn't... Continue Reading →

My Birthday

I open Facebook to find a birthday greeting. I grasped the opportunity to return the greeting, making up for those three years in which I couldn't send him birthday wishes. Those were the three years he spent in prison for writing on the Internet. I used to contribute to his site. It was called Akhawia. Karim... Continue Reading →

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